Whoopi Goldberg To Possibly Be FIRED By ABC After She Did This To Ivanka – Do You Support This?

Whoopi Goldberg’s sheer despising of the Trumps utterly disables her perception of reality. She appears to be offended with basically everything the Trumps do. Her newest war declaration was on Ivanka Trump. Whoopi made beyond ignorant comments about the First Daughter that it merely shows us how idiotic Whoopi really is!

The left-oriented gals of The View were elaborating on Ivanka Trump‘s new book. They ridiculed her for being “out-of-touch” with the middle class. Make sure to remember that these are the same women who celebrate Chelsea Clinton’s existence, whose only success in life is being born as the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Do we even need to point out the hypocrisy?

As portrayed in the video below, Whoopi says, in fact, that Ivanka isn’t even aware that slavery was real. Is Whoopi really that idiotic or she is just enjoying the insults she can produce?

Look the video:

Did you see how conservative Jedediah Bila joined the attack on Ivanka? Even more pathetic, isn’t it?

Text source: http://www.enhlive.com

Image source: http://dailyusaupdate.com