Well-Known Beer Company Turns Against Trump – WILL YOU BOYCOTT IT?

One of the globe’s biggest producers of beer is joining wannabe singers like Katy Perry and other talentless celebrities in the drive for a global control.

The Dutch beer firm Heineken began delivering his beer with a disgusting message on the back of the package. The multibillion dollar brewery wants to see “a world without borders or barriers.”

With this move, Heineken became the most recent multinational corporation to become a part of the national sovereignty and open all international borders.

Heineken’s marketing directors are probably thinking that their company can change public opinion and pursuing costumers around the world to open their borders to share a bottle of beer.

Even though the marketing campaign seems like a mistaken step to indulge to leftists across the globe, it is in fact in the best interests of the mega-corporation.

Lots of multinational companies are considering to open borders to try to bring down salaries in some strong countries.

Nevertheless, the marketing campaign will go wrong in the end, as lots of people are thinking about boycotting the beer company for promoting their globalist plan.

What’s worse is the ease of the message that is written on the back of the bottles. It appears that as indicated by Heineken, the world has no terrorist or evil people, or criminals in general.

The real picture is that the world is just full of dangerous people. Companies like Heineken and leftists in general will continue to cover their eyes. For years we have worked hard to get to this state where the world is a safe place, but the globalist are trying to ruin the picture.

If the world however is open, it may only benefit Heineken, for some reason, but actually the rest of the world would be in a great danger. It is delusional for us to sacrifice our lives, just so they can enjoy what they think is freedom.

There is only one way out of this, and that is boycotting.

Text source: http://www.enhlive.com

Image source: http://edition.cnn.com