Watch: Trump Supporters Invade Washington DC, Hold ‘Mother of All Rallies’

The mainstream media likes to insult and lie about President Trump. They don’t like to report on all the great things Trump is doing and his many millions of supporters. Well, some of those supporters don’t care a bit about the media and they’re showing their support for the President as we speak at the Mother of All Rallies (MOAR) in Washington, D.C. Dennis Michael Lynch is reporting that turnout has been great and the rally is lit!

MOAR is organized by a patriotic group of citizens whose focus is to stand up for an America First agenda and support President Trump. MOAR says it is here to “demand protection for traditional American culture” and cheer on the America First agenda.

The rally included many supporters with flags and banners as well as a group of protesters nearby called “Juggalos.”

The Juggalos support a rap group called Insane Clown Posse and are planning to throw a concert and rally later on as well. They are classified as a gang by the DOJ.

For the most part, however, the rally has been unified in its defense of America First and President Trump.

On MOAR’s website it says the rally is not open to those with Communist flags, Confederate flags or any foreign flags. They likewise say the rally is open to Republicans, Democrats, Independents and any other Americans of all colors and beliefs who want to protect the US Constitution and show support for the President.

As the MOAR page states, “due to increasing political and social unrest, many believe that core American values, customs and traditions are being sacrificed. Rally participants will demand protection for traditional American culture while they express their love for the United States and the America First agenda. MOAR will send a message to the world that the voices of mainstream Americans must be heard. We are coming together to send a direct message to Congress, the media and the world that we stand united not divided to protect and preserve American Culture.”

The MOAR events include speeches by Latinos for Trump and a performance by the band Madison Rising. All MOAR events including panel discussions are free of charge.

“We are gathering to support our President and our country. We the People, as one Nation under God, invite you to set aside differences and rally with us,” the rally page states.

Watch MOAR live here:

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