Viewers Spot What May Be Fake Missiles During NK Parade

During its “Day of the Sun” parade over the weekend, the North Korean military displayed what it wanted the world to believe was its terrible and fierce weapons.

There was just one issue. It appeared to many onlookers that those weapons did not look exactly right — in fact, they looked fake.

Several experts additionally noted that some of the missiles paraded appeared to be false.

Managing director of specialist service NK News Chad O’Carroll told The UK Sun that he doubted the weapons were real after he noticed the nose cone in one of the final group of missiles in the parade “wobbled quite noticeably.”

Senior analyst at the Korean Defense Network Lee Il-woo also suspected the missiles were not real. He told Agence France-Presse, “I suspect they all might be mock-ups aimed to impress the outside world,” The Sun reported.

Aerospace engineer Markus Schiller told ABC the missiles were a fraud. “My opinion is that it’s a big hoax,” the former RAND Corp. military analyst said.

He told the BBC that close inspection of the missiles revealed there were “many details that are plainly wrong, indicating that there might be something wrong with the whole program.”

He explained that the missiles in the parade all had “minor differences in detail” that added up to “major differences in configuration and design.”

He concluded that the missiles displayed were mock-ups and Pyongyang does not have a functioning intercontinental ballistic missile.

US government experts, who talked on anonymity, agreed with Schiller. “Our assessment is that what we are looking at is most likely simulators used for training purposes,” they said in a statement released to NBC News.

It’s not surprising to find a socialist regime using fake missiles to make the world think they have a successful military.