UC Berkeley, Pelosi And George Soros Are Getting Sued!

There are many things that liberals are trying to do right now. And for the most part, they get away with whatever they want. There have been many times since Donald Trump became President that liberals have used unfiltered attacks against. Though it has not had any negative impact on President Trump, it is starting to take its toll. Some things are worse than others. Look at the Kathy Griffin photograph as an example. Would any conservative in their right mind pull a stunt like that? Probably not.

There have been other things that have happened, not necessarily directly to President Trump, but also to his supporters. We can all remember when a young women. Kiara Robles was pepper-sprayed at a Milo event. Well, she has come out with some pretty big news since that happened.

She has decided to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit will be against UC Berkeley, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros. They were all involved in how this event took place and could be found directly responsible for her injuries.

When asked about what she thought this lawsuit would accomplish she replied simply.

“I honestly don’t know. But I do think order is the right way to respond to chaos, and a lawsuit is the civil way to respond to injustice.”

She goes on the try to explain herself a little bit better. Many people do not know exactly who this woman is or what happened to her.

“I’ve never considered myself an activist, I am not a professional provocateur. I’m a Bitcoiner and economics nerd, sometimes I’m a writer. But now I’m also a martyr for the deplorables. The alt-right deemed me their rare lesbian pepe, while the left calls me names I’m skeptical they know the meaning of. I’m a conservative, and I’m trying to conserve some dignity and pride in this country.”

We will see where this suit goes. Hopefully she gets the justice she deserves.

Source: https://www.conservativefolks.com