Tucker Carlson Just Unleashed On Kathy Griffin And It Was Glorious

Kathy Griffin has been making waves around the United States as of late because of her stupid and threatening photo. This photo was of her, holding the fake severed head of President Donald Trump. She has been facing some severe backlash because of this and it is getting worse and worse for her. Tucker Carlson unleashed on the liberal comedian on a recent show.

“Earlier this week, as you just saw, Kathy Griffin released a video of herself posing with a bloody mannequin head made up to look like President Trump, comedy that failed completely, nobody thought it was funny,” he started.

Now is where it gets interesting.

“That’s just unbelievable, I don’t know where to begin. Kathy Griffin isn’t particularly talented or amusing, he does have a point, it’s a little disproportionate for all of us to keep so much attention on someone who probably shouldn’t be famous in the first place, so why are we doing this segment?”

When Kathy Griffin decided to take this photo she knew exactly what she was getting into. She wanted the buzz that would surround it, that is why she did it in the first place. Liberals need to understand that they cannot get away with this kind of thing. He continues:

“Griffin publicly fantasizes violently about murdering the President yet she holds a press conference to announce she’s the one who has been wronged. Trump and his family bullied her she says, so have unnamed older white guys who have oppressed her despite giving her a series of very high paying jobs.”

Griffin made a big mistake and now she is paying for it. Her punishment is coming stronger and stronger every day. This is what she gets for taking such a disgusting photo.

“The most remarkable thing about victimhood as that it allows the alleged victims to commit to the very offenses they are complaining about. They will punch you in the face and accuse you of assault.”

Text source: https://www.conservativefolks.com

Image source: http://www.salon.com