Trump’s NEW AIR FORCE ONE Came In, Look What Everyone Noticed That’s Very Different

Obama loved to spend the money of our hard working American taxpayers. We saw this kind of behavior every day and it is a good thing he is finally gone. Under Obama, the United States government spent and exorbitant amount of money. Everything they did costs millions of dollars. That is unacceptable to the American people. President Trump vowed to make a big changed when he took office and that he has done remarkably well. We are seeing what he is capable of. Trump looks to save the government money at every turn. You see, he already has plenty of money so he does not need the help of the American people. One way he was going to change the way Obama did things was Air Force One.

Obama spent millions on his Air Force One. It was totally unnecessary and did not even do a good job. President Trump recently redid the entire Air Force One and it looks stunning. We know that he has classy taste and it shows with this new design.

This family’s class goes beyond anything we saw under Barack Obama. They simply have too much class. Every day they are attacked by the liberals and their media for absolutely no reason other than to attack them. Liberals do not care about the harm that they could cause and only want to hurt the president and his family. It is sad to see the political climate that liberals have created in this country. Of course, they will try to blame it all on President Trump, saying that he is a bully and should not be in office.

Well, have they not seen all that he has done so far? He has accomplished more in 5 months than Obama could have dreamed of in 8 years. It is sad to see them be attacked by the liberals like they are. Something has to be done in order to stop this before they inevitably take it to the next, more dangerous, level.

Trump amazed people with his new Air Force One design. What do you think about it?

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