Trump’s Lawyer Just Came Out And Revealed Something That’ll Bring Down Obama For Good

One of Trump’s attorney’s Jay Sekulow said on his radio show this Tuesday morning that he has discovered an email that connects Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s infamous scandal on the tarmac to Obama’s White House.

This is massive and it will prove how much the Obama administration was panicking after the meeting to spin the narrative.

Jay Sekulow said in the show that he has found an email that connects Obama’s White House to AG Attorney Lynch.

Sekulow then played a clip right after that linked to a video clip of Press Secretary Josh Earnest denying the involvement of the White House.

The show likewise covered the fact that the redacted FBI email addresses could be James Comey, according to Christiana Laila.

The Obama administration seems to have worked hand-in-hand in the Hillary campaign to lose the election. They probably thought they would get away with it because Hillary would win.

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