Trump’s Border Wall Has One New Feature That Enrages Mexico

Of all the wonderful things that President Donald Trump says and does, liberals are particularly triggered by his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Liberals hate the idea of a border wall for two reasons.

First, it hurts their precious feelings. They get sad when they realize that people need to be deported in order for us to live in a nation of laws.

In their minds, America is a magical place filled with candy and unicorns, where everyone is allowed to just hop in and get free stuff. Little do they know that the real world does not work this way, and that this mentality has devastated our economy.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, liberals hate the wall because they know that its existence would shrink a valuable Democratic voting bloc.

Millions of illegal immigrants vote for Democratic candidates. Whether it’s because they are forced to by local politicians or because they truly support the liberal platform, illegals vote en masse for Democrats.

Since Democrats have come to rely on illegal support to win elections, they bend over backwards to grow the illegal population. They know that any plan to restrict illegal immigration would hurt their electoral chances, and thus they oppose the wall.

As a result, liberals were quick to celebrate when the administration announced that it would delay plans to build a wall. They got so carried away with excitement that they even made fun of the president and his supporters for believing that such a project could be completed in the first place.

Now, however, the joke is on them.

As reported by Fox News:

The agency in charge of U.S. border security plans to begin building prototypes for President Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico later this summer.

Ronald Vitiello, Customs and Border Protection’s acting deputy commissioner, said Tuesday that four to eight companies will get contracts for prototypes in San Diego that could be models for the roughly 2,000-mile border. Companies will have 30 days to complete the models.