Trump To Nominate Callista Gingrich For Vatican Ambassadorship

President Donald Trump will nominate Callista Gingrich, the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, for the role of ambassador to the Vatican, the White House announced in a release Friday.

Callista Gingrich, whose husband has been a staunch supporter of Trump both during his presidential campaign and since taking office, had been in consideration for the position of ambassador to the Holy See since January, Newt Gingrich confirmed during an interview with CNN.

A lifelong Catholic, Callista Gingrich played an important role in bringing her husband into the faith. A New York Times best-selling author, she previously co-wrote a book titled “Rediscovering God In America.”

Callista Gingrich has been the CEO of a multimedia production company based in Virginia, where she and her husband reside, since 2007 and is likewise the president of The Gingrich Foundation, a charitable organization. She previously served on Capitol Hill as a congressional aide.

The announcement of the nomination comes ahead of Trump’s scheduled meeting with Pope Francis on May 24 in Rome.