Trump meets with Pearl Harbor survivors

The US can finally witness exceptionalism again, as the military has the full confidence in President Donald Trump, as well as the private sector and the current administration.

The 94-year-old Donald Stratton, who is a Pearl Harbor veteran thanked President Trump for bringing America on the right path after eight years of ruling by former President Barack Obama.

Lauren Bruner and Donald Stratton paid a visit to the White House on Friday, a journey they would have missed if Joe George had not challenged orders more than 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor.

Bruner, 96, Stratton, 94, along with Ken Potts, 95 survived the USS Arizona, a battleship demolished when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

The three men were brought together on Friday at Arlington National Cemetery and then met with President Trump on the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The 94-year-old Donald Stratton’s remarks about Trump that amazed everyone, as the President asked him to repeat the remarks,

Trump told the press, “You’ll want to hear this folks, it’s very…it’s just a very beautiful statement.”

Stratton told the reporters, “All the people we met today, and all the people that were lined along as we went along, you could tell with the military and everything, that this country’s coming together again, and we’re gonna be there!”

The number of people who survived Arizona has decreased to five — Bruner, Potts, Stratton, Lou Conter, 95, and Lonnie Cook, 96 — the group is significantly loud about their experience and in supporting for respect of George, who saved the lives of Stratton and Bruner but never got any credit for doing it.

“We didn’t actually get any conversation with the president but all the conversation was in front of the press and we spoke about Joe George,” Stratton stated. “I think we accomplished a lot today through that and getting his story out there.”

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