When Trump Just Revamped This Obama Policy, Taxpayers Started Celebrating!

President Trump stands for smaller, leaner, cheaper, and more effective government, and he’s proving it in how he has set up his White House staff.

As a contributing article in Forbes pointed out, the White House payroll could save American tax payers $22 million over the course of four years.

The Trump administration released an annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel, which includes the name, title, and position of the 377 White House employees. Here’s how they stack up to Obama’s 2015 budget:

  • Trump’s total staff: 377. Obama’s total staff: 487.
  • Trump’s total cost: $35.8 million. Obama’s total cost: $40.9 million.
  • Michelle Obama’s staffers: 24. Melania Trump’s staffers: 5.
  • President Trump also discontinued Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which employed three White House directors, and ended Obama’s White House Leadership Development Fellowship.

These are some of the ways President Trump has managed to keep down costs. It likewise helps that two of President Trump’s key advisors, Gary Cohn, Director of White House National Economic Council, and Christopher Liddell, Director of strategic Initiatives in the White House, are serving with reduced salaries of $30,000. Both men are highly successful businessmen.

Although President Trump said that he would not draw a salary, Article II of the Constitution requires the president to have a salary. President Trump has decided instead to donate his quarterly earnings to government causes- this quarter he donated to the Dept. of the Interior to help repair military cemetaries.

This sounds like great news! Fewer people in government, getting more stuff done, with less money! It’s the Trump way, and that’s why we support him.

Text source: https://libertywriters.com

Image source: http://edition.cnn.com