Trump Just Called Up A 100-Year-Old Veteran Today, And Told Him Something TEAR JERKING

President Donald Trump has now spoken to the last surviving member of the World War II-era Doolittle Raiders on the eve of Indepence Day. The White House is saying that Trump talked to the 101-year-old Lt. Col. Dick Cole and thanked him for his service. Trump then wished him a full recovery after a recent fall. Learn about Cole below.

Cole served as a co-pilot of a B-25 bomber during the 1942 raid on Tokyo led by Lt. Col. James “Jimmy” Doolittle. The mission took place at the very beginning of World War II.

There were 16 bombers that left on that flight. The crews didn’t know whether they would have enough fuel to return and bailed over China. Three crewmen died in the raid and three were captured and executed.

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