Trump Got the Rock Star Treatment When His Jet Touched Down in Israel

President Donald Trump arrived in Israel Monday for the second leg of his historic first foreign trip as president, and to hear Israeli media talk about the event, it was as if a rock star and the circus had come to town on the same day.

The Associated Press reported that when Trump touched down in Tel Aviv, he received the red carpet treatment as he was greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a full contingent of politicians jostling for a chance to meet the president, shake his hand or even take a quick selfie.

“Just look at the footage you just showed. Look at the body language, look at the smiles,” remarked Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to Trump, during an appearance on Fox News. “It’s so very different. How much different after eight years of Israel being shunned by the last administration?”

“The smiles tell you everything,” he added. “Our closest ally is now being treated as our closest ally in the Middle East, and it’s going to be an incredible trip.”

TheWrap reported that Israeli media personnel essentially dropped everything they were doing and devoted themselves to live coverage of Trump’s arrival and subsequent events in Israel.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” exclaimed Amit Cotler, a reporter for Israel’s Ynet. “It’s a psychotic circus. There is no other way to describe it.”

“Israel is in love with Trump,” Cotler added. “And that’s the bottom line.”

“It’s as though the biggest rock star in the world just arrived,” explained Liron Shamam, morning show anchor on Israel’s Channel 2. “Every minute of the day was spent talking about Trump.”

What the Israelis admittedly may have have lacked in terms of gold, glitz and glamour in greeting Trump, as compared to the reception the president received in Saudi Arabia, was more than made up for with a genuine warmth and enthusiasm for the renewal of US-Israeli relations, which had been on the back burner and left to chill for the past eight years of the prior administration.

Israel knows they have a real friend in the White House once more, so it is no surprise that they were all smiles and excitement as they welcomed a real friend into their home for a visit. Hopefully those smiles will only grow bigger over the next four years.