Trump Almost Ran Over By A Car – One Secret Service Agent Hospitalized

On Wednesday, a new crazy case appeared pretty close to the president, as a US Secret Service agent was hit by a car as he was trying to protect President Donald Trump. The agent has been immediately transferred to hospital.

As reported by Breaking911, the agent was on motorcade while Donald Trump was getting back home at the White House after he paid a visit to Majority House Whip Steve Scalise. The congressman is also in the hospital, after he was shot by a deranged shooter in Virginia during a GOP baseball training.

CNN was the first to report the story.

“Secret Service uniformed division officers had blocked a street for the President’s return to the White House when a vehicle tried to turn into the motorcade route near 15th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue, ignoring verbal and visual commands not to enter.”

“A Secret Service spokesperson told CNN one officer was struck by the driver as he attempted to stop the car from continuing into the motorcade route. The officer suffered minor injuries as he landed on the hood of the Gray Mazda SUV.”

The one who was driving the vehicle was a man who is not yet identified to the public. Apparently he works as an Uber driver. He defended himself for almost running over the president and killing an agent from the Secret Service with the “fact” that he “wasn’t paying attention” and all of it was just an accident.

He has been charged with failed to obey, and attack with a dangerous weapon, which in this case is alluding to the car.