Trey Gowdy Revealed Obama’s Darkest Secrets – Here’s Why He Is In Bali

You are probably aware with the fact that former president Barack Obama is on a vacation with his family in Bali. You have likewise seen pictures of the happy family posing while smiling near rice fields or some lavish balconies. But it seems like Trey Gowdy is not falling for this idyll. He is pretty sure that the family got away on a “vacation” because the Loretta Lynch examination brings tons of questions on him.

Trey Gowdy considers the vacation of the former First Family very suspicious because of the timing, as the Senate and House Intelligence Committees have already began the examination into Loretta Lynch’s efforts, so the President Donald Trump’s predecessor decided to take his family and fly away into Indonesia.

According to what some reports are showing, Gowdy prepared a few questions for Obama, including, is he going to return from Bali and why did he cover the Democratic National Committee when the federal government did not have an access to the hacked server, moreover, to probe and find out who is to be blamed.

Fox News was told by Trey Gowdy, “Let me hazard a wild guess. There may be something else on that server they didn’t want law enforcement to see? That is where you start. I don’t like speculating, but I have dealt in the past with victims that would not cooperate with investigations. Typically, the reason is, there is something else you don’t want law enforcement to see.”

In addition, it is a fact that the former president was aware of the meeting between Lynch and Clinton and took no action about it, so instead, lots of deals have been made to help the DLC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Susan Rice is to be blamed for disclosing Gen. Michael Flynn which is a federal crime. Obama’s top two officials are now caught committing crimes, but he decided to go on a vacation.

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