Tom Cotton Just Ripped Chuck Schumer To Pieces Because He Asked Him Where He Was 8 Years Ago, Well Deserved!

Tom Cotton. It was without a doubt a strained minute, “an extremely tense minute!” When the senior representative from New York Chuck Schumer started “playing legislative issues” and “backpedaling on his assertion” with President Trump’s cabinet picks.

Maybe this would be a decent time to remind everyone that Senator Chuck Schumer assumed control from a standout amongst the most factional and degenerate political hacks inside Congress, maybe inside the most recent 50-years, the previous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In addition for those not comfortable with Chuck Schumer from New York, he’s just another dynamic political hack, working behind the scene to advance and engage himself at the citizen’s cost.

Schumer who was a lesser congressperson taken in the craft of “play for pay” from his tutor New York Senior Senator Hillary Clinton in 2001, and both turned out to be great companions of the enormous monetary givers on Wall Street.

In addition, an article that showed up in March of 2007 in the New York Times entitled “Senator Schumer and the corruption culture” which chronicled Schumer comfortable relationship to those huge support investments lobbyists and benefactors, on K-Street, similar people that added to Hilary’s campaign.

Thus when we find out about Schumer backpedaling on his assertion, why the amazement?

Maybe this is on the grounds that there was no “wiggle room” for Chuck Schumer to shimmy out of, after he was heard over an open mike, asking Sen.  Tom Cotton “where he was 8-years back?”

That deadly stopping inquiry drew a speedy reaction from Sen. Cotton: “I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan!”

The clean up happened on the grounds that Schumer had guaranteed a voice vote (after Friday’s inaugural services), on CIA Director Nominee Mike Pompeo throughout the end of the week however then reneged on his guarantee, which set into movement the inescapable encounter amongst Cotton and Schumer.

As per witnesses, Cotton uproariously stood up to Schumer, who advised the Republican administrator to speak with a softer tone, and take the debate off the Senate floor which made Cotton yell irately “Don’t tell me to lower my voice!”

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