Supreme Court Rules Islam Banned In Public Schools – Gorsuch Changed Everything With Bold Move

America goes through a lot of changes, and President Trump is determined to make it great again. He has a few great ideas on his mind, and Democrats don’t like the idea of having Donald Trump control everything. Unlike Democrats, President Trump is trying to fix things. He knew that the US Supreme Court has to be balanced, and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch changed everything.

The US Supreme Court was out of balance, and Democrats used the opportunity to do things their way. President Trump once said that this has to be changed, and Democrats took him for granted. This created an excellent opportunity for Neil Gorsuch, and he did an amazing job for traditional conservatives. Democrats did their best to block the nomination of Gorsuch, but their plan didn’t work. Republicans gained a greater control over the Supreme Court, and it was easier for them to bring the right decision.

But, something else caught everyone’s attention. The panel of 9 justices had to discuss over one single decision, and it involved the fate of Islam in American school system.

Reporters didn’t have any access to the whole drama, and the problem was discussed behind closed doors. It’s more than clear that the US principles are reaffirmed again, and the school system will never be poisoned by the Sharia law or any other destructive ideology. It was about time that something like this happens, because Muslims tried to abuse the rights they were given. USA are to be respected, and nobody will break this rule. There is no place for radical and dangerous doctrines in USA. The Sharia law will no longer jeopardize the basic human rights, and Justice Gorsuch did a marvelous job.

The 5-4 ruling proves that President Trump nominated the right person. If it wasn’t for Gorsuch, Democrats would definitely give green light to Muslims and their law. American public schools are safe again, and this is just the beginning. President Trump has a few great plans for this country, and the best is yet to come.

What do you think about this? How will this affect the situation in USA? Will Muslims react against this ruling?

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