Sheriff Arpaio Just Sacrified Everything To Tell Neil Cavuto What Obama Did To Him

Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke with Neil Cavuto from Fox Business network on Wednesday and made it very clear that he loved the President’s amazing speech last night. On Tuesday President, hinted that he might pardon Arpaio, but he didn’t. Watch what happened below.

Joe Arpaio: “It was a great evening for me. I really appreciate the president’s nice comments and support. And one day I will go public and talk about the tremendous abuse of the process. If they can do what they did to me they can do it to anybody…It started 60 days after Obama and Holder took office. That’s when it started. And here we are now, I’m being charged with a misdemeanor, contempt of court. The sentence will be the same for barking dogs…This is strictly a political hit. I will be talking about that in the future…I have a great deal of respect for him. As long as he is president I will support him. I wish a lot of other people would do the same.”

That is just amazing.

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