Sharia Law Has Been Disbanded Once And For All, Trump Just Made His Point

Obama wanted us to believe that Muslims are here in peace, claiming that they’d never take over, and that’s just a nonsense brought by Republicans. But, practice showed that Muslims didn’t come to this country to assimilate. They aren’t interested in our culture, they don’t like our rules, they don’t like our life. They just want to take over, and plant their Sharia law in the US.

President Trump had a very special treatment, but his executive order was blocked. Liberals didn’t want him to take care of illegal immigrants, and judges said ‘no’ to his travel ban. Our President was well aware of the dangers imposed by illegals, but nobody wanted to listen to him.

Muslims think they have the right to do whatever pops in their mind. They forget that we’re all equal. They should get the treatment we all enjoy, because they are nothing better than us. They are human beings.

Some of them know that the Sharia law isn’t as kind as they try to make it. This law prohibits rape victims to seek justice, and ‘gay’ doesn’t even exist in their world. Gay people can be killed, and nobody would be charged with murder.

However, Muslims can’t do anything to bring their Sharia law in US institutions. Now Arkansas House of Representatives passed a new bill to require “American laws for American courts.” This means that religious laws won’t be used in courts across the country.

Liberals are furious about this, but they can’t do anything to stop the bill.

The HB-1041 requires that judges only use American-based laws when making a decision. The bill was passed on Monday.

Rep. Brandt Smith of Jonesboro introduced the bill.