SETUP: Top Republican Just Noticed Something SICK About Visa of Russian Lawyer who Met Don Jr

Isn’t it amazing, y’all? These alleged “news hounds” at the big papers will search all day for the tiniest Trump story, but somehow they managed to “miss” something unthinkable like this!

You know, Miss Natalia Veselnitskaya. Well, Senator Chuck Grassley just noticed something sick about her visa at the time of their meeting…

Her visa to be in the US had expired nearly 6 months before the meeting and she had been denied an extension!

So, as head of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley sprung into action and immediately notified both Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Why was she still here on an expired visa? Who approved her to come to the US? She claims she was contacted by a “mysterious man” who arranged the meeting. Who accepts meetings from anonymous people?

The whole thing reeks, and we already have proof that Hillary Clinton was pulling all kinds of strings to sabotage the election. Is it really impossible to think that maybe Obama let this one slide?

Chuck Grassley may have just opened the Pandora’s box of Deep State conspiracies, but this is something every American needs to be aware of. Help get the word out by sharing this to everyone you know.

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