Seconds Ago Trump Walked Into A Room WIth His Cabinet Members & Broke A White House Record!

President Donald Trump showed how proud he is of his Cabinet on Monday for the ‘amazing results’ he said the members of the Cabinet achieved, no matter the Democrats’ ‘sad’ tries to disable his progress.

However, the feeling was mutual and every single Cabinet member showed gratitude for the President’s tireless determination.

All the nice things they said to him really warmed up, the otherwise serious political environment on such meetings and contributed to the quality session of the post-James Comey’s-testimony Cabinet.

Referring to his administration’s continuing success, Trump stated ‘never has there been a president, with few exceptions’ who’s had as many triumphs in such a small time span.

‘We’ve achieved tremendous success,’ he expressed. ‘I think we’ve been about as active as you could possibly be at a just about record-setting pace.’

Trump made a promise to ‘starve the beast’ of terrorism by demolishing the radicals’ financial source and secure trade deals that will stimulate the growth of the US economy. Additionally, he stated his Treasury secretary is focused on what ‘may be the biggest single tax cut in American history.’

While speaking to his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, Trump stated the administration has had ‘great success’ conquering illegal immigrant groups such as MS-13, which is ‘being depleted’ and will be ‘gone pretty soon.’

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