Scott Baio’s Slam of John Mccain is a Viral Sensation!

Trump supporter and actor Scott Baio is on our side in this epic battle against John Mccain.

Baio calls Mccain a “liberal hack” and “not a hero.” He likewise correctly states that Mccain put his pathetic hurt feelings above his constituents.

In a video that surfaced on Twitter, Baio said, “I just want to talk about the great Sen. John McCain from Arizona, who voted no to let the health care bill to go into debate. I’ll tell you why. Sen. McCain, you are not a hero, you are a hack, you are not a maverick, you are a hack.”

He then continued the rant against the Senator by saying, “You put your feelings, your sensitive feelings over the needs of your constituents.”

“If you are living in a red state, you would be a liberal hack Democrat, which is what you are. You throw bombs at this president because your feelings got hurt, because you couldn’t beat Obama, you couldn’t win the presidency.” he said.

“Just like all the other liberal politicians and some Republican politicians, you are huddling with Chuck Schumer. You are telling us ‘oh, get ready for the show.’ You are a disappointment sir, you are a hack liberal and you are a liar and I have no respect for you anymore sir,” he added.

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