Sadiq Khan’s Anti-Trump Attitude Gets Destroyed By Queen Elizabeth

There are many people that think President Donald Trump does not belong in the White House. He has done everything he can in order to let people know that he knows exactly what he is doing. Some liberals just will not give him a chance. That is why it is such an uphill battle. There are lots of policies President Trump has put in place that liberals and conservatives should both agree on. But they just cannot give him any credit. That is obviously when you watch the mainstream media who does everything they can to put him down.

One of the major policies Trump has made an impact on is terrorism. It seems like everyone should have an invested interest in figuring out how to stop the spread of terrorism, but apparently not. When President Trump tries to pass anything related to stopping  terrorism it instantly gets marked as racist and is thrown out by a judge. That is obviously a big problem.

London has found out the hard way that terrorism is a real threat, but their mayor, Sadiq Khan likes to think everything is fine.

After the attacks in London took place Sadiq said that there was nothing to be worried about. Obviously he doesn’t keep up with the news of his own city. Khan then said that they should try to block President Trump from coming on a official visit to the United Kingdom.

But luckily President Trump has some help in the form of a queen. Queen Elizabeth then took maters into her own hands when she personally invited President Trump for a visit. Apparently she still has her class.

“The president appreciates Her Majesty’s gracious invitation,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said about the invitation.

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