Rush Limbaugh Just Protected Trump From Impeachment With 1 Sentence That Says Everything!

President Donald Trump is being bashed and disrespected from every side you can think of, and this period has proven to be the toughest one of his presidency. It appears like plenty of people have collected their power in order to get the President impeached. This should not even be put on the table for President Trump, however, we were aware from the very beginning that people will rest at nothing until they banish Trump from the White House.

We were certain that Democrats were the only people who could hate on President Trump that excessively, however it appears that even members of his own team are doing him some damage behind his back. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and his Deputy Security adviser Dina Powell in fact released the despicable material regarding President Trump and the presumed friendship with Russia. This is most certainly bad, and we can’t wait for President Trump to resolve this issue.

The vocal conservative Rush Limbaugh is one of the couple individuals who understand the perplexed situations President Trump goes through on a daily basis. That is why he emerged with a stunning statement that will leave liberals in disbelief. Namely, Limbaugh stated that ex president Barack Obama in fact did what New York Times story blames President Trump of doing in reference to the FBI probe into Flynn’s case.

This particular statement will certainly would spark controversy, however some tough love is needed. President Trump needs our support now more than ever. Limbaugh wants everyone to recall that it was Obama who told the FBI to shut down the probe into Hillary’s case. We are eternally grateful to him for that.

Gladly, the whole situation will soon face it’s end, and President Trump will continue doing what he know best-leading and protecting the people.

What are your thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s remarks? Will Dems be tireless with trying to get President Trump impeached?

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