Robert F. Kennedy Jr: “Donald Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History”

World Politicus shared some good words of Robert F Kennedy Jr.

He made a wild statement that most people on the right can agree with at this point. The best part was he said this on CNN. Liberals are fuming.

“Donald Trump could be the greatest president in history if he wanted to, he could easily be the next Teddy Roosevelt.”

He believes that Donald Trump can be any kind of president that he wants to be. He has the incredible opportunity because he’s gone into office unburdened by obligation. The last time that happened was Andrew Jackson in the 1800’s.

When Jackson and Trump came in, a lot of people were angered. They were wrong about Jackson. Jackson fought banks and rapidly grew the nation. He was very anti-Native American, but he did great things for the nation.

Trump has one goal, which is to Make America Great Again. He is serving this nation and that’s it. “You know, I think he can do anything he wants because he is not — he is not bound by ideology. He is less bound by ideology than any president probably that we’ve had this century,” Kennedy said.

Trump doesn’t seem to care about the rabid left because they are only obstructionist and he knows that actions speak louder than words.

RFK Jr is correct. President Trump can be the best president ever. He isn’t a politician and that’s what the benefit is. Politicians tend to ruin politics. They don’t normally care about the nation because they are cronies that live off the taxpayer dime and lobbyists.

What do you think of what Robert F Kennedy Jr had to say about the President? Do you agree?

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