Right After This Injured Soldier Got Home, Trump Showed Up And Made A Miracle Happen

President Donald Trump has gone and done it once more. Today he showed up at a hospital out of nowhere and made a soldier’s dreams come true.

Army sergeant Alvaro Barrientos was wounded in Afghanistan on March 17. He lost part of his right leg.

When President Trump heard, he and Melania were so moved they went out to Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland to present the veteran with the Purple Heart in person.

Right before pinning the medal to Sgt. Barrientos, Trump quietly said, “When I heard about this and I wanted to do it myself.”

While it was less televised than his meeting with Barrientos, Trump likewise went and visited about a dozen other wounded warriors at the hospital in Private before heading back home.

Source: http://hotpoliticalnews.com