As President Trump Went To Personally Thank Cajun Navy For Helping Out, He Got Surprise Of Lifetime

In Texas a few days ago we personally witnessed what kind of person President Trump actually is. Over there he met with survivors of the horrific storm, served them food, hugged them and gave them support in this difficult time.

As he promised, right after Texas he went to Louisiana in order to express his appreciation for the National Guard and “Cajun Navy” for helping out. He was left speechless after seeing what actually was happening over there!

The President was not expecting to see what he saw when he arrived in Louisiana. There were rows of proud Americans cheering him on and showing plenty of gratitude for his arrival. They likewise cheered on the First Lady with numerous signs welcoming them.

The National Guard was present welcoming his arrival. The president wanted so bad to thank them for their hard work and that’s exactly what he did.

Everything that happened over there was indeed horrific. But, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey went like this because President Trump responded to it. Trump is the opposite of everything that liberals are saying.