President Trump Just Revealed A Special Treat For Every Trump Supporter…This Is NICE!

President Donald Trump has had a huge amount of success since he took office, although the mainstream media would rather you not know about it.

That why today he unveiled a special treat for all his supporters to enjoy that the media will hate…a brand new website that sets the record straight!

The First 100 days website by Trump tells all of his amazing, historic achievements so we the people can see the kinda president he actually is.

Trump lists all the biggies, including:

  • Creating over 500,000 new American jobs
  • Approve Dakota Access Pipeline
  • A 60% drop in illegal immigration
  • Hold Sanctuary cities accountable
  • Increased Military Budget
  • 5-year Lobbying ban and Lifetime Foreign lobbying ban
  • Got Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court

And many, many more…