President Trump Gives Military Order North Korea’s Brutal Little Dictator Fears Most

President Trump gives military order for the US forces to eliminate any missile that is launched from North Korea. Especially the ones that are moving towards the US, Hawaii, and Guam.

Sources close to the president’s national security team have divulged that the order was given due to the missile firing by North Korea last month that was aimed at Guam. Guam is a US territory and holds Andersen AFB to maintain a presence to make it to Korea without needing a refuel.

“The threat provoked the president,” one source inside the White House said.

Communist regime is now saying that they can put the nuke on their intercontinental missiles. The ICBMs are powerful and now they are finally caught up with 1940s US technology.

This week, South Korean intelligence sources said the North was moving an ICBM in an apparent preparation for another test launch over the northern Pacific and possibly Japan.

The president is now considering a “shoot down” order for any North Korean missile that would be launched at Japan or South Korea. Both Asian neighbors to North Korea are American allies.

“This is a clear exercise of self-defense, and there’s no question we should do it,” former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said.

Bolton said U.S. allies South Korea and Japan “are in jeopardy” and said the United States must take steps to protect them under treaty obligations.

President Trump gives military order after the constant provocations from North Korea after the explicit condemnation from the US and the western world. Russia even mobilized troops earlier this year.

In August, President Trump ominously warned the North Koreans that continued threats “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

What do you think of the orders from Trump? Do you think that North Korea will learn?