This Pearl Harbor Vet Just Turned To Trump And Told Him Something Unbelievable

President Trump met on Friday with the survivors of the USS Arizona that was sunk during Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Trump called them “heroes” and then said that there was nothing that had ever compared to meeting these veterans. You can see what happens when the man in the blue suit speaks at the 6:30 mark.

“For these three World War II veterans, Dec. 7, 1941, the brutal attack on Pearl Harbor, is forever seared into their memories,” said president Trump. “It’s also seared into America’s memory because on that grim day this mighty nation was roused to defend freedom itself.”

He then thanked all the veterans in attendance for their wonderful service: Donald Stratton, Lauren Bruner, and Ken Potts.

“There are many remarkable things that I witness as president, but nothing can take the place of meeting heroes like those with us today,” Trump said. “In them we see the strength of our nation, the courage of our men and women in uniform, the resolve to never accept failure, and the belief that justice will always triumph.”

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