Pat Boone Risks His Career And Tells Trump The Best Way To Tweet! DO YOU SUPPORT HIM?

Well-known public personality and politically vocal Pat Boone stated for PJM that he’s “90 percent” accepting of President Trump’s job performance, however urges him to drop the usage of Twitter or employ a professional comedy writer in order to implement “wit” into his tweets.

The star stated Trump’s haters in Hollywood are facing the antonymous effect and spiking his support throughout the regular folks.

Boone showed support for Trump’s travel ban, which is blocked in the courts, labeling the travel ban to the U.S. for several Muslim predominant countries as a parallel to fighting the Ebola crisis.

PJM requested Boone to explain the areas where he thinks Trump needs to be a bit better and was questioned if he thinks Trump should still use Twitter while being the president, to what he said: “I don’t, personally. I see why he likes to do it because it’s an immediate connection to a lot of the electorate, but I think he could have that – if he’s going to do tweeting, I would like to have an accomplished comedy writer, political writer, fashion them for him so that he says things with wit and not just, you know, like in-your-face or just flat assertions,” Boone indicated.

Boone approved Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement but remembered screaming at the television, insisting that Trump should say that climate change isn’t a myth.

At the time of the interview, Boone spoke of Trump’s proposed travel ban as a temporary measure that should be considered as a way to cure an epidemic.

Boone said that those who oppose the travel ban should be more vigilant of the importance of American citizens’ safety than “who we might offend” couple of countries by temporarily banning travel to the U.S.

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