One American Child Just Did One Amazing Thing To Help Barron Through His Tough Time

President Donald Trump is a very busy man. He is working hard to make this country great again but is having trouble dealing with the hate from the left. Obviously it cannot continue on like this. Liberals like Kathy Griffin are starting to take their toll. More needs to be done in order to protect the president and his family. This could have been seen as a direct threat to his family and administration. But there is one person that has had a harder time with this than anyone. That would be 11 year old Barron Trump.

Barron was reportedly screaming when he saw the now infamous severed Donald Trump head photo. This was a disgusting thing to do from Kathy Griffin and she knows it. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she did this photo-shoot so she cannot act like she is the victim now.

But Barron is getting support from some very unlikely places. He received a letter from a young woman from Detroit who is trying to give him some advice. Evelyn Bostwick was the one to write the amazingly kind letter.

“I just thought it was really uncool and she should know how to treat others and I thought she should’ve just kept it to herself,” she explained.

She went on, “Being hurtful to others just because you do not appreciate or like something they did is not okay. We know to treat others how we want to be treated.”

This is exactly what Barron Trump needed right now and it is good to see him get some support.

“I just wanted him to let him know that other people in America were thinking about him and that it wasn’t his fault that that lady did that,” finished Evelyn.

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