New Poll Shows a NEW Record For Sean Hannity’s TV Ratings! It Is HIGHER Than You Think!

Fox News showed to be better than its competitors on Tuesday, through getting no less than 3 million viewers at the time of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

CNN and MSNBC collaboratively had around a million less viewers, concretely being at 2,218,000 and 2,208,000. Fox got 3,200,000 sum viewers, as seen on a Nielsen data disclosed by the network, and was better than the other two cable networks during primetime beginning at 8 p.m.

Sean Hannity’s show, “Hannity,” got a sum of 3,076,000 viewers, which made it the highest ranked program during primetime.

Even though Fox is better than CNN and MSNBC in total viewers, it had less 25 to 54-year-olds than CNN at the time of the Sessions’s hearing. MSNBC, on the other hans, is better than both networks when it comes to that demographic at the time of the primetime 8 to 11 p.m. time frame.

Also, there has been an overall boost in viewership on every network. “We’ve never seen a news cycle like this,” stated Bret Baier, Fox News’ chief political anchor. “We’ve never seen an administration get this kind of reaction from the country. Add to that breaking news of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, and you get a pretty frenetic pace.” Norah O’Donnell, the “CBS This Morning” co-anchor, covered five presidential elections on top of which three presidential administrations during her years in Washington for CBS and NBC News. “The intensity is unrivaled,” she stated regarding the current viewership.

“We are just working at a different pace now,” Baier continued. “It’s not just this administration but our society. People are now used to absorbing things in a nanosecond, and they expect their 24-hour cable news to be as fast as they are.”

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