Navy SEALs Just Send Powerful Message to Trump, Leaving Obama Livid

Barack Obama can’t help but be overly humiliated all the time.

If he wanted to avoid that happening to him constantly, he should’ve thought about our brave soldiers more.

Only that way he would’ve gained their trust and love.

With only couple of months being seated in the Oval Office, President Trump is already one of the most loyalty and love stimulating commanders-in-chief ever.

That was shown once again when a SEAL convoy was seen driving on a highway in Kentucky waving a TRUMP FLAG and chanting his name.

Incredible! The brave American soldiers never went ahead and did such a thing for the traitor Obama.

Another US military man noted on Twitter: “A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.

These are facts! A well documented expressions of love for our leader! How could liberals deny this? They CAN’T! It is time for them to face the facts that clearly show that Trump is far more appreciated than Obama.

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