Muslims Are About To Start War In Washington After The Supreme Court Officially Banned Islam In Public Schools

The victory of President Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to USA, but Muslim immigrants don’t quite agree on this one. President Trump came up with an amazing solution for the problem with Muslims, and his ideas have already become reality. Muslim immigrants crossed the US border with the idea to take over, but President Trump won’t allow any of that. The US Supreme Court brought an ultimate ruling, and Muslims are already angry.

Americans did an amazing job in November, 2016. None of this would have happened if Hillary Clinton won the elections. Former president Barack Obama welcomed Muslims, and gave them every right. Moreover, Muslims enjoyed more benefits than American citizens. This was sad and frustrating, and people didn’t feel safe out in the streets.

The worst part of the whole take-over game was the attempt Muslims made, and it involves their Sharia law. Muslim immigrants wanted to bring their destructive law in US institutions and public schools. None of this happened, and the Supreme Court ruled against it.

The mainstream media was too silent about this ruling, but nothing beats the fact that the Supreme Court decided to keep Islam away from public schools. Let’s all take a moment, and thank President Donald Trump. The 5-4 ruling confirmed that the Islamic indoctrination will never happen, and Americans have never been happier.

President Trump made a smart choice by nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch for the empty position in the Supreme Court. Although Democrats give their best to block it, Justice Gorsuch is now part of the system. His vote was crucial in this case, and the situation in the Supreme Court is finally balanced. Liberals didn’t count on this one, but President Trump really needed the help of another conservative judge.

According to Justice Gorsuch, the US government has nothing to do with the Sharia law or any other Islamic doctrine. He knows that American fathers only worshipped Judeo/Christian values, and reminded everyone that no other religion will ever be involved in our institutions.

Teaching American children that Islam is a Religion of Peace is the worst mistake ever. We remember the bloody stories about terrorists who killed innocent Americans.

What do you think about this ruling? How will the Islamic community react now?