Moments After Trump Arrived In Germany, Angela Merkel Gave Him Something NOBODY Saw Coming

Considering all the animosity between Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, people across the world were expecting to see sparks flying when they met in Germany this week. Well, wait no longer, because sparks did fly.

After his epic speeches in Poland, Trump jetted off to Hamburg, Germany for the G20. He was met there by German Chancellor Merkel and a very unexpected gift…

That’s right. After tons of play by the media over Germany no longer wanting to be friends with the US, all fears were quelled in a mere instant.

Y’all may or may not remember the first meeting between Trump and Merkel where the MSM made a huge deal out of their lack of a handshake on meeting.

Of course, they didn’t care one bit when Donald Trump later explained that he simply didn’t hear the request for a handshake from Merkel.

So, there you have it. President Trump is tough when it calls for it and diplomatic when it’s needed.

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