Moments Ago Newt Gingrich Risked Everything To Leak Who’s Really Behind The Shooting Today

Newt Gingrich (R-GA.) spoke on Wednesday right after the shootings about the growing trend on the left to incite violence and “hostility” after the shooting this morning at a congressional Republicans’ baseball practice. Newt didn’t hold back in this video going viral below.

“It’s part of a pattern,” Gingrich said on Fox News. “An increasing intensity of hostility on the left.”

Gingrich then ripped in harder and then said that violence and intimidation toward conservatives on colleges has gotten more and more extreme.

“Look, I talk to college students regularly,” Gingrich continued, “who say that if they are openly for Trump, they get threatened.”

“I’ve had college students tell me they get threatened with being beaten up, some of them get death threats,” he said.

Gingrich is right! Republicans are being targeted in this country.

“The intensity is very real, whether it’s a so-called comedian holding up the president’s head covered in blood, or right here in New York City, a play that shows the president being assassinated, or it’s Democratic leading national politicians using vulgarity because they can’t find any common language to talk,” Gingrich stated.

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