Melania’s Finally Moving To The White House, Michelle Not Laughing After Hearing First Thing To Go

It was reported for so long that First Lady Melania Trump would stay in the New York City Trump Tower until her son Barron’s school year is finished in summer. Finally, Melania Trump started preparing for the White House to become her new Home. It’s already June so Melania and Baron are ready to move to Washington any moment.

But that is not it. As reported by several media houses, Melania will in fact lower the East Wing in finances and agenda, mostly by lowering the number of her aides to just 10 people, while her predecessor former first lady Michelle Obama had exactly 26 people staff.

Talking in numbers, that’s $1,750,000 per year thrown on aides for Michelle will be cut in half for the new First Lady, so now it is a fact that she has managed to find another way to make an example.

Moreover, Melania Trump said that she will be concentrated on a single problem during her time in the White House. As far as we know, she will be concentrated on combating “cyber-bullying,” but for now there are no official reports confirming this.

Rather than throwing around valuable taxpayer money on luxurious vacations and campaigns like “Let’s Move!” or “Let Girls Learn” and even changing children’s meals at school, now they will be educated for something that is really the core of the education and that is way closer to the reality.

It is so refreshing to have President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the White House to manage the country and fix everything the corrupt former first family did to hurt America.

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