Melania Surrounded By Rioters In Germany, What She Did To Defeat Them Is AMAZING

There are over 100,000 anti-capitalists in Hamburg protesting the G20 summit of world leaders President Trump is attending. Police have been using water cannons to combat the protesters, dozens have been arrested so far, and over 100 police have been wounded.

The situation has been so fraught with danger that police have not permited Melania Trump to leave her government-owned guest house.

Police presence had been increased in the city, but violence began to escalate Thursday night. These protests are truly crazy and it is hard to get a handle on their scale. Watch this very short clip to get an idea of what Melania is up against:

Melania has been doing a great job as a diplomat and speaker so far. It is too bad she’s stuck in her guest house when we know she’d be doing amazing work in Germany.

Melania was supposed to join other G20 spouses on a river cruise and on a tour of a climate change center.

Melania is unfortunately stuck in her guest house, but at least we know she is safe. Let’s share this 50,000 times so she sees it and knows we are thinking of her and wishing her well!

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