Melania Met Up With The Polish First Lady For Secret Meeting, What They Did Next Is INCREDIBLE

Thursday gave an awesome speech at the Warsaw Uprising monument with the President. During her speech, she raved above Poland’s Copernicus Science Center, which she visited earlier Thursday with Polish First Lady Agata Kornhuaser-Duda.

She talked about how she found the museum “informative and thoughtful in its mission to inspire people to observe and experiment, ask questions, and seek answers.” But what she did at the museum was even better.

Everyone knows Melania is great with kids- remember when she spoke Italian to the sick children at the Vatican’s hospital?- and yet again she showed her special touch. She handed out red, white and blue USA backpacks to the kids at the museum- what a sweet memento for those kids to have!

Melania likewise got to have some fun, asking a boy to race robots with her using remote controls in one exhibit. Later, a little girl gave Melania a small pink high-heeled shoe she made with a 3-D printer- a perfect present for our fashionable First Lady!

Melania talked and gave hugs to the children throughout her visit. This will definitely be a special day they’ll all remember. Melania always manages to do these sweet fun things, but the media never reports on it.

Melania always manages to do these sweet things, but the media never reports on it.

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