Melania Just Orchestrated A ‘Special Plan’ In Paris To Stop The Obamas From Following Them There!

Basically, everywhere the Trumps head to, the Obamas follow. It’s a matter of facts that this has become the norm in the 45th presidency due to the fact the President Donald Trump’s predecessor is utterly unable of parting ways with control that’s no more in his possession. It’s evident that the location where Barack and Michelle have traveled oversees have been almost the same with those of Donald and Melania’s official state trips, alongside with their dedication to take the spotlight away from first couple’s successes.

The constant following has to come to an end as soon as possible, and Melania Trump’s very good plan might have done what needed to be done after landing in Paris, France on her second transcontinental trip in almost a week. Namely, immediately following the landing, the Trumps came at the U.S. Embassy to give an address to military families, prior to heading toward the rest of their stops scheduled for that day.

Even though Melania is almost always by her husband’s side during these overseas trips, she latently left him for a bit and went on her own to take care of something that was her most important intention. Namely, Melania made sure to set aside some quality time for sick children while on her trip. She showed her amazing compassionate side as first lady yet again, and this time alongside her intelligence beyond many’s reach. She likewise showed that she is fluent in several languages while communicating with the children and staff as well.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the trip to the hospital, where she showed she is fluent in French to new patients on top of staffers as well, was Melania’s first public engagement at the time of her and Trump’s two-day trip to France. After the visit, Melania posted an image to social media of herself shaking hands with one of the patients at the hospital.

“‘Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff,’ she noted in a Twitter post. ‘Continued prayers for good health for all.’”

“Some of the children’s parents were in the room as Melania and the children gathered around a table topped with building blocks, books and toys,” Mail Online elaborated. Melania saluted everyone in the room stating “Hello! Bonjour! How are you?” in French, which she’s fluent in, on top of Serbian, German, Italian, and English.

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