Massive Protest Erupt Across The US

Muslims in this country are trying to enforce their own laws here in the United States. Americans have finally stepped in where the former administration did not. They are tired of seeing stuff like this take place with absolutely no repercussions. America is a Christian nation through and through. Shariah law has no place in this country. It is a disgusting way to punish people and it will not be tolerated.

Americans have planned protests across the country trying to make sure that their voices are heard. Of course liberals think that this is racist. But it is far from racist. It is only a way that Americans can be heard.

“Our Muslim community is feeling a tremendous amount of stress and pressure,” said former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. “It’s important for local leaders to express solidarity and make clear we stand against bigotry, against racism and with our Muslim neighbors in the state and beyond.”

Obviously there is a problem in this country and it needs to come to the forefront. President Trump has tried time and time again to get laws passed that will help ensure the safety of American citizens. But liberals have blocked them every single time.

We can no longer stand idly by and watch as our country is being taken over by immigrants. Look at what this has done to Europe. They have been facing terrorist attacks left and right. This is what President Donald Trump warned against and what he has been trying to fix for a long time. former President Barack Obama did absolutely nothing to help our country against these attacks.

Hopefully these protests can help fix the problem that is ahead of us. We have a long way to go but this is a start to freedom.