Manchester bombing: Residents open their homes, offer help to victims

Residents of Manchester, England, offered their homes, phones and help to victims and those stranded after a suicide bombing killed at least 22 people and wounded dozens at an Ariana Grande concert.

#RoomForManchester started trending on Twitter shortly after the attack as people offered their homes and rides to those stranded or waiting to hear news of their loved ones.

“If you need a bed, a cup of tea, a charged phone etc. – I’m 15 mins from Manchester Arena. DM me, they’re open #RoomForManchester,” @Rachelkellis tweeted.

Taxi drivers likewise offered people free rides from the venue, The Telegraph reported.

And a nearby Holiday Inn reportedly took in over 50 children, who were separated from their parents in the blast.

ISIS said one of its members ignited the blast as the American singer’s concert was ending at about 10:33 PM local time Monday, SITE Intelligence Group reported.

British authorities identified the bomber as Salman Abedi, 23, according to a US official who has been briefed on the matter but was not authorized to speak publicly.

The relatives of dozens of missing concert-goers, many of them children, continue to circulate their photos on Twitter and Facebook in a bid to find them.