Look What Trump Just Revealed About Putin Meeting

Ever since Donald Trump had his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20, Democrats from across the country have been claiming he “didn’t try hard enough” to get Putin to admit to interfering with our election.

Trump did something that will humiliate every loudmouth Dem in the country…

President Trump pushed Putin about election interference for 40 minutes!

According to the article, the conversation got so heated at one point that Putin started demanding Trump produce evidence of Russians interfering. With nothing on hand, Trump was forced to move on.

Of course, we now know the 2 world leaders went on to discuss things like the war in Syria and the nuclear crisis in North Korea. Trump likewise pressured Putin to return the captured part of the Ukraine.

Clearly, this article does not give the cry baby Senate Dems a leg to stand on. Trump went above and beyond his duties and even walked away with a win. They are just mad because he succeeded where they failed.

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Text source: https://libertywriters.com

Image source: https://tlrnews.com