Look What Happened Right After After Trump Landed In Florida

Don’t believe the liberal media hype, President Trump knows exactly what he is doing. And he really knows how to surprise his adoring crowds.

Who flock to see his inspiring speeches at his epic rallies. Trump took the world by storm and American, no the whole world politics will never be the same.

Despite some setbacks, health care being, Trump has still accomplished more in such a short time than most presidents could only dream about.

So in these times, where it seems like the GOP is on the ropes due to infighting that would make a cat fight in a Las Vegas brothel seem tame, that we remind everyone what got Trump elected.

From WPS:

“In the middle of his speech, President Trump recognized a man in the crowd. This would be just a devoted supporter, but what people didn’t know is that the man spoke in front of cameras, explaining how he spend the day waiting to meet the President. That’s how you support your choices. Gene Hubbard arrived early in the morning, and he got the chance to talk to the President. Then, something else happened.

President Trump invited his loyal fan onstage, and let him speak. The man was overwhelmed with emotions. It was like a dream. They even hugged. You don’t usually see a president hugging his supporters.

“We the people, our movement, is the reason why our president of the United States is standing here today,” Hubbard spoke to the crowd. “When president Trump, during the election promised all these things he was going to do for us… I KNEW he was going to do these things for us!!”

The President amazed us with every step he made since Inauguration Day. We’re really looking forward to see the best of him, and we strongly believe that he will keep each of his promises.”

President Trump is doing a great job. A fantastic job.

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Source: https://borntoberight.com