Londoners Chant President Trump’s Name Instead Of Mayor Khan

Terrorism has turned into a global issue, and headlines across the world are filled with the freshest information about the attacks. Terrorists are led by their fanatic belief. These people plant nothing but terror and death. President Donald Trump had the perfect solution to this problem, but we can’t same the same thing for the London major.

President Trump worked too hard on his travel ban, and courts blocked his intention to keep terrorists away. Democrats would rather have ISIS “soldiers” wandering around and bombing everything. They never supported President Trump in his fight against terrorists. Obama and his friends literally funded terrorists.

Our leader still hopes that he will manage to solve the problem, and the travel ban may soon become real. World leaders need to support the President, and give him a hand in this one. This is a problem that affects us all, and we have to work together, in order to create a better and safer world for our children.

However, not all leaders are interested into keeping terrorists away from their countries. Some people actually believe that terrorism is a way of living, claiming that we should find a way to live with it. Well, at least that’s what London Major Sadiq Khan thinks.

Now evidence shows that Khan is tightly connected with terrorist networks in the Middle East. He’s been tied with terrorists, and that could be the perfect explanation for his actions. Maybe “lack of actions” sounds better.

Khan never did anything to stop terrorists from killing innocent people. He remained too quiet. Now Londoners are furious, and chant President Trump’s name instead of his. Khan was never the real father of the city, and he should be aware of the fact that people don’t like him.