Liberal Critic Accurately Predicts Amazing Thing Trump’s About To Do For Entire USA

Well this was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. A huge critic and reporter for the liberal New York Times just shocked Trump supporters by saying something nice about him.

And what’s more he made an accurate prediction that will surely destroy all the liberal haters out there.

For Trump ran against both parties on a promise to bring us together and while he has done much the infighting between the two political parties is flat out hurting the progress this nation needs to make.

We elected Trump for one reason and while the left and the establishment GOP have delighted in pulling us apart, according to this card carrying member of the liberal media establishment, Trump is about to unify the country and leave the petty politics behind.

And when he does that he will do something and be something that neither political party can obstruct and block, make no mistake American’s are best when the pressure is on – our kindness and resolve and ingenuity all come out just as it has with the President.

“Now a tropical storm as it continues to inundate the Texas and Louisiana coasts, Harvey is foremost a human disaster, a stop-motion catastrophe that has already claimed at least 10 lives and destroyed thousands of structures,” Glenn Thrush wrote in the New York Times. “But hurricanes in the post-Katrina era are also political events, benchmarks by which a president’s abilities are measured. Mr. Trump is behaving like a man whose future depends on getting this right.”

He was remarking on Trump’s calm steady hand during this crisis where unlike Ted Cruz and Chris Christie (who played politics) Trump remained above the fray and is trying to bring our nation.

“We are one American family,” the president said Monday, “We hurt together, we struggle together and, believe me, we endure together. We are one family.”

Grateful local officials echoed the liberal reporter saying,

“In a week or two, after something like this, people tend to forget about you,” said Joe McComb, the Republican mayor of Corpus Christi, “Getting him down here is a way to make sure he’s making a commitment. He’ll see what happened for himself. He’s rough and gruff, but I think he’s got a good heart.”

Another noted liberal chimed in, “So far, he’s been aggressive and forward-leaning, which is encouraging,” said Jon Meacham a well respected presidential historian.

Mr. Trump, according to sources, was genuinely moved by the devastation in Texas, just as he was when he saw the pictures of kids killed by Syrian chemical weapons.

Another aide told Thrush that Trump, ever the builder, shook his head in disbelief at the devastating pictures and said, “Water damage is the worst…“tough, tough, tough.”

Correct but with Trump on the case Texans will get their relief and just you watch – America will rally around their president as we so often do. And Trump will finally be able to unify the country and get tax reform and infrastructure done no matter what Chuck Schumer throws in his way.

Everyone will be thrilled, well everyone except Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who have bet their careers on Trump failing.