Kellyanne Conway Just Said One Thing That’ll Blow The Whole Russia Case Wide Open

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke openly on Fox & Friends this morning, sharing her frustration with the media’s constant negative coverage of President Trump and his administration. “People are really losing their minds over this presidency instead of trying to cover the things that he’s doing to help all Americans and really coming together.”

Conway continued by blasting the criticism of President Trump’s temporary travel ban, pointing again to the countries identified by the Obama administration as cesspools of terrorism.

“These six countries do not have screening and vetting procedures in place that give us confidence,” said Conway, adding that they “harbor and train and export terrorists.”

President Trump has never faltered in his goals to maintain our country’s safety, and Conway believes our Commander-In-Chief has nothing to apologize for.

“This president should apologize for what? … For calling out radical Islamic terrorism for what it is?” Conway asked, reminding viewers of President Trump declaration to stand with the United Kingdom after Saturday night’s London Bridge terrorist attack.

But Conway’s most thought-provoking statement came towards the end of her appearance, hopefully leaving the liberal media with something to think about.


If that were the case, perhaps this country would understand the dangers of global terror before it’s too late. Our President is working diligently to PREVENT attacks on our home soil, and mainstream media’s constant distraction tactics are only hindering him from doing so. It’s our job as American citizens to align with the truth and push back against these leftist dirty tricks!