Kathy Griffin Attacks Trump With Another Sick Joke – This Is Her End

Kathy Griffin shared an ancient picture of Donald Trump standing alongside O.J. Simpson prior to the death of his wife “cleverly” captioned, “POTUS with new attorney general??? #OJSimpsonParole”

The remark was done as plenty of accounts on Twitter had something to say about O.J. Simpson being given parole following the serving of 9 years out of his 33 year sentence.

Kathy Griffin’s freshest try at a joke was constructed to ridicule President Trump’s statement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would never have been positioned in that place if Trump was aware he would recuse himself.

Kathy Griffin claimed the national spotlight previously this year following posing in a hideous image with beheaded and bloody President Trump doll.

Whining and pouring tears at a press conference following the surfacing of the controversy, Kathy Griffin made the idiotic remark that President Trump has “broke her”.

This screams attention whoring, it is beyond evident. The almost anonymous actress was happy to at last have the public’s eyes all for herself — and she made sure that the attention she got from that tasteless move was going to be worth it. Oh, how wrong she was. She remains as nobody as ever.

If she continues to do this, attack Trump just for the sake of attacking him, what is left of her pity (whatever) career, she will be done! She should think twice before doing it again. People on Twitter have evidently ridiculed Kathy Griffin’s newest try for quasi humor.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: https://www.rednewshere.com